• Why MES? Developing a Business Case

    Post by Helena Rogers on 14 September 2015

    LZ Lifescience recently attended MES 2015 – a Life Science Manufacturing Systems Event in Philadelphia to talk about developing a business case for implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems in today’s marketplace. Looking specifically at ri... Read more

  • OEE adoption for life sciences manufacturing

    Post by Jamie Gill on 20 August 2015

    I think it’s fair to say the Life Science industry is notoriously cautious when it comes to adopting new technologies and showcasing the latest manufacturing trends, letting other industries such as Food & Beverage or Automotive dip their toes ... Read more

  • Top 5 Drivers Towards Serialization & Why it’s Becoming Impossible to Ignore

    Post by Jamie Gill on 19 August 2015

    Serialization in the Pharmaceutical industry is not a case of ‘if’ or ‘when,’ but more a case of ‘how best’ to implement it. With regulations imminent, and global deadlines approaching we look at the Top 5 trends driving a move towards se... Read more

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