Deploying MES in the Cloud: Challenges & Solutions – Part II (Cloud MES)

Our Vice President Christian Fortunel was recently featured in Contract Pharma Magazine, discussing the migration of MES technology to the cloud, and how this technology is making MES more affordable and accessible.

He talked about the increasing tendency towards cloud MES, deployment options and the benefits of deploying in the cloud. We finished having identified five areas that create significant challenges and concerns in the industry as regards cloud MES. 

In this second part to his article, cloud_folder_1600_wht_9214-resized-600we will take a closer look at each of these problem areas – security, data integrity, validation, availability, and integrationand how to address them to get your cloud MES project approved and completed. 

Read the full article to learn more about cloud MES deployment and the benefits that it brings to your lifescience organisation.

Part 1 of the article series was featured in the November/December issue of Contract Pharma.