• Inventory


    When materials are received or created in the factory they are packaged in some form of stock-keeping-units (SKUs, Packs, Handling Units) for ease of transport. Each pack is given a unique code (Pack number) for ease of identification. Packs can be coded in various ways e.g. as part of a batch; or unique pack numbers for each pallet, box, tote, container, stillage; or a unique serial number for each part. Inventory Operations offer Track and Trace to Pharmaceutical and other life science companies

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  • Label Printing

    Label Printing

    Printed labels are used extensively in manufacturing for a variety of purposes, for example: WIP and Finished goods labeling - pallets, boxes, cartons, individual products. Product identification, Product information, Safety and hazard warnings

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  • Traceability


    Traceability is major requirement in many manufacturing industries. Manufacturers have to record precisely each lot of materials consumed in each step of the manufacturing process. Ultimately they must be able to take any pack of finished goods and be able to say what went in it, when and where. It means tracking back through semi-finished goods processes, back to incoming raw materials from suppliers.

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  • Build Traceability

    Build Traceability

    In some cases traceability needs to extend to serialised parts. These parts are usually critical in some way for example high value items, critical functionality or safety critical. In this case, the serialised parts may come in from suppliers or may be produced in production as semi-finished goods that are operated on or consumed in later operations.

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  • Warehouse


    ERP systems usually handle all inventory and procurement processes. However when there is a requirement for traceability down to a handling unit level (e.g. pallets, containers, boxes, crates) ERP systems need to be extended. This can be done with additional modules in the ERP system or with external warehouse management systems, but increasingly it is being done in MES systems.

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