Meet our team at the Industry 4.0 Summit in Manchester 31-Mar-20 – 01-Apr-20

We’re looking forward to attending the upcoming Industry 4.0 Summit in Manchester 31-Mar-20 To 01-Apr-20.

In today’s highly competitive and fast-changing life science market, delivering projects faster is a key challenge for manufacturers. eBR and eDHR implementation projects are no exception. They are often perceived as incredibly expensive, complex and time-consuming,  and organisations may struggle to meet the resource demands of the project while maintaining day to day operations and meeting market and regulatory requirements.

With some very new technology in our Virtual Form Flow (VFF) it is now possible to go completely digital in a fraction of the time of a typical MES Implementation

Our solution, Shopfloor-Online Lifescience Edition addresses all of these concerns with a typical deployment timeline of 6 to 12 months. Meet the LZ Lifescience team on the day to discover our solution and for more information on how we can help your manufacturing team to increase productivity by >25%. You can schedule a meeting in advance to discuss particular aspects of your operation or plans.


Shopfloor-Online Lifescience Edition is focused on essential functions, including;


Headquartered in Dublin, LZ Lifescience provides MES solutions specifically designed to meet the requirements of the life science industry. With industry-leading experience, LZ Lifescience is focused on delivering superior manufacturing productivity to the highly competitive life sciences sector, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics and for generic, branded and contract manufacturers.