Processes that use high value tools usually find that tool performance is the main driver for production and quality. For example press tools, moulds, extrusion tools, fixtures, jigs are but a few where the tools have as much effect on the process, if not more than the machines themselves.

Tools are an expensive, precious resource that needs to be looked after throughout their life in the factory. It means capturing information about the tool, its use and location.

Most tools have a finite life, tools have to be maintained and ultimately replaced.


The Tool Management module of Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition provides a solution that lets you:

  • Create a library of Tools for tracking
  • Use tools that can be multi-head, or multi-cavity e.g. injection moulding tools
  • See when cavities may be blocked and re-opened as and when it happens
  • Track tools as they are used in processes – when they are loaded and unloaded
  • Monitor the status of the tools – when they are unusable, when they need repair
  • Run powerful reports that provide insight into current level of tool inventory and complete traceability history of each tool

When Used with Other Modules

The Tool Management module must be used with the Job Tracking module to know when tools were used on production runs. When it is used in conjunction with other modules of Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition more opportunities open up. For example:

  • When used with Production Counting and the Asset Register modules, the system can capture life time cycle and part counts. If multi-cavity tools are used the cycle counts can be converted to piece counts.
  • When used with the Quality module – the quality control plan automatically adjusts based on the number of cavities and knows not to request samples when any cavities are blocked


  • Tool tracking – Track your tools, know where they are now, where they have been used
  • Multi-cavity tools – track the history of all cavities, when they have been opened and closed, make better decisions about when tools should be repaired rather than run with some cavities blocked
  • Quality control – have the system track measurements by cavity and adjust the quality plan with blocked cavities
  • Traceability – know what products were made with what tool and when