Labour is one of the significant costs of manufacturing and it needs to be managed. Whilst the headcount per shift is usually planned, it is harder to track the actual deployment of labour on a shift by shift basis. The problem is exacerbated when the manpower demands are not static but vary with the workload.


The Labour Tracking module of Shopfloor-Online Lifescience Edition provides a solution that allows you to:

  • Define target manpower requirements on the product routing, allowing reports to compare planned manpower with actual manpower
  • Roll-up the production schedule to see overall man-power requirements
  • Easily record when operatives log onto or off a production line, cell, or work center, capturing the duration automatically
  • Operatives can move between lines, either managing several lines at once or being wholly reassigned.

When Used with Other Modules

The Labour Tracking module should be used in conjunction with other modules of Shopfloor-OnlineLifescience Edition. For example:

  • Use with the Job tracking module to record labour hours per job.
  • Use with the Production Counting module to calculate KPIs like Productivity (volume/man hour)


  • Labour costs – track labour hours to calculate man power costs per job
  • Exception management – use reports to see where labour costs deviated from planned cost
  • Traceability – with operators recording the lines they are working on you automatically capture people related traceability data