Invariably line operatives write comments in a shift log book. There can be several purposes:

  • Keep a record of events on production as a means to communicate between shifts and create a shift handover log
  • Capture important events for traceability purposes
  • Record important events like downtime, quality checks, tool changes, change overs

Paper based log books have numerous problems:

  • They usually need to be filed for traceability reasons and this means a process for collecting and filing, which is non-productive effort and requires space
  • Being hand written they can be difficult to read
  • They can be incomplete but this can easily go unnoticed
  • Moving to electronic line log books allows these problems to be overcome


The Line Log Book module of Shopfloor-OnlineLifescience Edition provides a solution that lets you:

  • Define any number of different types of event that you want to record e.g. shift handover comments; tool change; intervention; cleaning
  • Record events and comments at any time. All are recorded with the operator who made the comment, time-stamped, recorded in the context of a machine and line
  • Develop an event history against the line for all to see In some cases configure the system to take automatic signals to record events
  • Record comments in the context of all modules; all comments from whatever source can be pulled together and reported as one. This can be a very easy way for managers to see what has been going on in the last number of hours

When Used with Other Modules

When the Line Log Book module is used in conjunction with other modules of Shopfloor-OnlineLifescience Edition like Downtime, Spoilage, Production Counts and Quality Checks it removes the need to record anything at the line on paper.


  • Communication – improve communication between shifts and between management and operators, the event histories are far more accessible and far more legible
  • Visibility – the hand over log and any issues can be accessed from anywhere and are there for all to see
  • Traceability – record important events that happen during the production process Go paperless – remove the need to print, issue, file paper log books