• Quality


    With production processes forever being reengineered to extract cost, whether in time or materials, there are fewer margins for error. Key issues for quality are: Compliance - can you demonstrate that you meeting the control plan - always? Cost of quality - how expensive is it to implement? Customer complaints - what level? Warranties and claims - what level?

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  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

    Statistical Process Control (SPC)

    World-class manufacturers are using SPC and Process Capability measures to ensure quality; satisfy customer needs for transparency; drive improvement and reduce timescales for new product releases.

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  • Process Monitoring

    Process Monitoring

    Some processes are highly complex and difficult to comprehend. There may be many process parameters affecting the process, for example temperatures in different zones, flow rates, pressures, speeds, cooling processes, moisture and environmental factors.

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  • Links to Documents

    Links to Documents

    Besides the Production Order information, often there are numerous documents that need to be made available to the factory floor, for example: Engineering/CAD drawings, Product specification sheets, Process set up information, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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  • CAPA


    Managing concerns (or non-conformances) in the manufacturing processes is crucial to sustaining high levels of quality performance and the foundation for a continuous improvement plan.

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  • Customer Complaints

    Customer Complaints

    No organisation wants complaints, but the least you can do if you receive them is handle them in a prompt, professional manner. This means the customer complaint management process must be handled properly from receipt of complaint; to assigning ownership; management of the complaint; investigation; and ultimately to resolution and closure.

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  • Supplier Complaints

    Supplier Complaints

    Supplier performance is usually critical to your performance. Of course, suppliers have problems from time to time. If these can be captured and recorded accurately then they can be used as a basis for feedback and review or, if it comes to it, claims. The more data available regarding the nature and frequency of problems, the greater the chance you can improve them and reduce the effects that supplier's non-conformance may have on you.

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