Besides the Production Order information, often there are numerous documents that need to be made available to the factory floor, for example:

  • Engineering/CAD drawings
  • Product specification sheets
  • Process set up information
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The challenge is to make sure that everyone is using the latest release of these documents, not previous versions, not local copies that can easily go out of date, and certainly not information written in the operatives “black book”. Printing, issuing and ensuring the use of these documents is a significant problem.


The Links to Documents module of Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition lets you:

  • Deliver all the documents needed in Production to the operative on the PC screen
  • Access documents through context sensitive links, so it is very easy for operators to access
  • Access documents in any form: pdf, Word, Excel, images, photographs
  • Manage documents through your document control system, but Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition has the link to the latest, released version
  • Store documents in Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition directly – for example uploading attachments.

When Used with Other Modules

When the Quality module is used in conjunction with other modules of Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition more opportunities open up. For example:

  • With the Quality module: when performing a quality check, two-clicks loads the SOP
  • With the Job Tracking module: when starting the next production run, two-clicks loads the Product sheet/CAD drawings
  • With the Maintenance module: access CAD diagrams of machines and equipment relevant to the asset being worked on


  • Use the documents – because it’s easy! Operatives do not need to know where documents are located or navigate through multi-level file directories to access them; documents are linked to the current content and are just a click-away.
  • Version control – everyone is always using the correct version
  • Save money – massively reduce printing costs
  • Go paperless – along with the other aspects of electronic data capture in Shopfloor-OnlineTM Lifescience Edition this module allows you to go paperless in the factory.
  • Cleaner – going paperless is a big benefit in clean room environments as paper creates dust.