Project services: Support for MES technology

With time and cost pressures across the entire supply chain, manufacturers are installing new organisational structures and technology systems to achieve excellence. Our consultants can help you streamline and optimise your operations, drive excellence in core production processes and make informed decisions for operational excellence on the basis of real data. Whether your organisation have advanced MES experience and just need additional resources due to workload or your organisation has no MES experience in-house, our consultants can help you as and when you need them.

We offer the services of MES consultants for all MES activities such as:

  • Awareness Presentations
  • Business Process Mapping Requirement
  • Analysis & Definition Design
  • System Architecture
  • Design Software
  • Design Specification
  • Interface Design
  • Specification
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Validation & Qualification
  • Support Service Strategy
  • Service Design (ITIL)
  • Service Transition
  • Service Testing
  • Service Operation
  • Go Live.