Learn about the benefits of MES: Join other world class manufacturing companies in implementing Shopfloor-Online™ Lifescience Edition

Shopfloor-OnlineLifescience Edition delivers performance improvements of over 25%. It meets Life Science Manufacturing challenges head on by:

  • Using workflow to eliminate human error and incomplete data
  • Providing real-time information and visibility of production
  • Highlighting quality issues simultaneously with production
  • Reducing the time taken to fix errors and respond to atypical events
  • Automatically determining environmental issues
  • Automatically calculating OEE

Choose Shopfloor-OnlineLifescience Edition for tangible benefits of MES:

  • One system for all operations data – one version of the “truth”
  • Ensures you are positioned for full regulatory compliance
  • Promotes ‘Right First Time’ approach & supports Lean Manufacturing
  • Improves product quality, processing time, capacity & margin
  • Reduces waste
  • Identifies supply chain disruptions
  • Mitigates quality issues and recall exposure
  • Provides complete traceability
  • Reduces training time for staff
  • Allows a cost effective global support model
  • Reduces operating costs

Other benefits:

  • World-class S95 based MES product with advanced flexibility
  • Expert life science MES deployment capabilities on a global scale
  • Very affordable solutions
  • A product that will see you through the next 10 years (through all its available modules)
  • Genuine working partnership

LZ Lifescience will work with you from the very start of your project:

  • Requirements & scope definition
  • Architecture design
  • Solution configuration
  • System implementation
  • System testing
  • Validation support
  • Go-live & operational support

LZ Lifescience can provide additional support services beyond the project. We can offer an ITIL compliant Managed Service – local, remote or global – and we can define service workflows with you to tailor support to your needs.