Rapid implementation and manufacturing gains

Shopfloor-Online™ Lifescience Edition is cloud based, making it quick and easy to configure and implement from anywhere. Its flexible nature makes it highly scalable, and its modular approach means you only pay for the features you need. With simple intuitive screens and drag & drop configuration, operators can quickly execute operations for orders. Any permitted user can quickly create new Manufacturing Batch/Device Records using a library of pre-validated building blocks to modify existing eBRs/DHRs, saving hours of work and paper creation.

  • Meet all your compliance requirements in terms of GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Dramatically shorten the production release process – all production records are available electronically at the click of a button
  • eBR Lite – Low Cost Entry level MES offerings to remove paper in weeks rather than months and years
  • Save time by working by exception – omissions and exceptions stand out
  • Create a library of master recipes – on all products and processes
  • Enforce standard operating procedures (SOP) – ensure the process follows in strict adherence to the recipe
  • Validate materials when used – for example the material is correct as defined in the BOM and is within its use-by dates
  • Validate that equipment is ready for use – for example has been through the proper cleaning cycle
  • Complete two-way traceability – of raw materials and finished goods
  • Gain real-time visibility on operations and processes – with visual tools and drill-down reporting
  • Mobile phone applications using predictive analysis for identifying potential issues and resolving them before they become an issue.

Proven platform

Shopfloor-Online Lifescience Edition is based on a proven platform trusted by thousands of businesses and users. It is used in a range of regulated industries. This platform has been successfully integrated with a wide range of existing software applications including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PLC, SCADA & DCS systems, Enterprise Historians, MS Office and many more.