Pharma Tech Outlook names LZ Lifescience – Top 10 Enterprise Software Solution Provider 2016

Pharma Tech Outlook has recently named LZ Lifescience as one of its Top 10 Enterprise Software Solution Providers for 2016.


During the selection process Pharma Tech Outlook looked at the vendor’s capabilities to fulfil the burning need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex pharmaceutical landscape.

The pharmaceutical industry in today’s aggressive market environment is driving toward innovation with updated enterprise software solutions. However, while implementing these solutions, companies confront many challenges such as lower production volume, inefficient or non-compliant manufacturing processes, complexities of paper-based data formats that are error prone, and inflexible and high cost manufacturing solutions.

LZ Lifescience addresses these impediments through its updated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution that provides a productive manufacturing and operations environment to its clients.

As part of this feature Christian Fortunel, Vice President of LZ Lifescience discusses ‘Sophisticated Solutions for Dynamic Manufacturing Processes.’

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